Looking for an amazing airsoft Skirmish in Barnsley?

All out, action-packed airsoft skirmishing only in Barnsley

Situated deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest, Skirmish Airsoft is located just a short drive from the center of Barnsley. War games are played in the natural undergrowth, giving you the the full authentic feel that Skirmish Airsoft has built it's games around.

Not only do we have the knowledge and facilities to provide you have an exciting and tactical day of airsofting, our prices are extremely affordable with a day from just £25

Skirmish Airsoft have now got a brand new and enthusiastic management team in place ready to re-launch airsoft at Skirmish. The new management team have been avid players of airsoft for many years, and with their experience as a player, they understand exactly what is needed to excel the expectations of an Airsoft venue.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are kept simple and affordable so you can enjoy your day. Our prices are just £25 for members and £30 for non-members.

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Find out where we are

Located just outside of Barnsley, our venue is the most accessible in Nottinghamshire.

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